Carolina Taste Papers

For this experiment we had 3 pieces of paper, each piece of paper had a certain taste if you had a certain gene. If you could taste it, it meant that you were a super taster for that flavor/compound. I personally think that this is my favorite experiment of the entire year. For the experiment I only reacted to the third one and two and one I didn’t taste anything. Even though I was very involved in it, I could guess have bad they tasted off of my friend’s facial expressions.



Disease Dectives

For this project we had to to compare chromosomes and see if the person had a chromosomal mutation. I thought this project was cool at first, but after putting on and comparing the first five stickers it got really boring after that. Even though this was not the most exciting project we did, it definitely has helped me the most this year.


Alien Project

For This project we had to do DNA transcription and RNA translation. We were given a Mrna to translate and see what body features our aliens had. I personally loved this project, it really propelled my understanding of translating and was really fun. For me though it was really easy, I was done by the time most of the other people were half way done.