Humanities Research Proposal

This is a research proposal that we did in Humanities. For my research proposal I wrote about trying to implement street cleaners into Atlanta. The Street cleaners that I came up with would be smaller and more powerful that the ones used in New York City. While I did a good job for this proposal, there were a few things I could do better next time. One thing I could of done better is having more detail for the Introduction questions. Another thing is that I could of not put this off to the week before but working on it the whole month or so it was assigned.


Imperium Project

This is my Imperium Project, For this assignment we were assigned an ancient country and we had to tell the history of it. We also had to find the modern country that it is today and tell the history since the Romans left. My country was Iudaea, which is modern day Israel. This project is one my favorite that I have ever done. It blended History with our Latin curriculum. We also when in depth for a lot of the countries, so we were only able to do 2 – 3 projects a day. ¬†While that was better for the students because the could go back and fix there power point, it isn’t fair for the people that went first. the people that went first had a disadvantage about how their power point is compared to others that present later.