WDYL Math video

For this WDYL (What did you learn) video we talked about the line of best and how to find the LSRL. I feel that this was a good test of our knowledge for this and that make group was good. We gave out the work evenly and gave each other the proper roles. There was only one problem with the group, one of my members said he could edit it well, but he really couldn’t. it isn’t his fault completely because his normal editing software didn’t work so he had to use iMovie. I got mad at first because he could of asked me for help, but the vieo isn’t completely awful.

Carolina Taste Papers

For this experiment we had 3 pieces of paper, each piece of paper had a certain taste if you had a certain gene. If you could taste it, it meant that you were a super taster for that flavor/compound. I personally think that this is my favorite experiment of the entire year. For the experiment I only reacted to the third one and two and one I didn’t taste anything. Even though I was very involved in it, I could guess have bad they tasted off of my friend’s facial expressions.


Disease Dectives

For this project we had to to compare chromosomes and see if the person had a chromosomal mutation. I thought this project was cool at first, but after putting on and comparing the first five stickers it got really boring after that. Even though this was not the most exciting project we did, it definitely has helped me the most this year.


Alien Project

For This project we had to do DNA transcription and RNA translation. We were given a Mrna to translate and see what body features our aliens had. I personally loved this project, it really propelled my understanding of translating and was really fun. For me though it was really easy, I was done by the time most of the other people were half way done.


Interim Reflection

Before the Interim trip, my own values were that we need to help people in any way we can. Now my values are that we need to find the real problem that needs to fixed and not just what we think needs to be fixed. Before my trip, I assumed that Costa Rica was a dirt poor place where everyone was barely getting along. But after the trip I learned that my assumption was wrong, everyone in Costa Rica is nice and welcoming. While there living conditions aren’t the best, they all gave us whatever they had. There really was no bias that I had towards Costa Rica that I did not understand.

I have gained many new insights and understandings of the culture from the trip. One new insight I learned was that everyone there respects the land and the animals in the land. Daniel, A farmer we met there, was one person who really exemplified this. He used to be a worker who destroyed countless environments, and because of that work he wanted to help the environment and built an Eco-friendly farm. The new understandings I have from this trip and of their culture is that everyone takes care of each other. I learned this from the home stay lunches that we attended. We were strangers and the hosts took us into their homes and gave us everything they could.

I learned many new things that could be put to use from the communities with values, cultures, and skill sets that are very different from my own. One thing that I learned that was different is that they live with the environment and not on it. Everyone we met was very concerned about the environment and didn’t want to harm it. A new Skill set that I learned was how to open a coconut and how to play soccer better. Before I came to Costa Rica I was awful at soccer but now I am decent and can play with my friends more, Also I had never opened a coconut before.


Humanities Research Proposal

This is a research proposal that we did in Humanities. For my research proposal I wrote about trying to implement street cleaners into Atlanta. The Street cleaners that I came up with would be smaller and more powerful that the ones used in New York City. While I did a good job for this proposal, there were a few things I could do better next time. One thing I could of done better is having more detail for the Introduction questions. Another thing is that I could of not put this off to the week before but working on it the whole month or so it was assigned.

Imperium Project

This is my Imperium Project, For this assignment we were assigned an ancient country and we had to tell the history of it. We also had to find the modern country that it is today and tell the history since the Romans left. My country was Iudaea, which is modern day Israel. This project is one my favorite that I have ever done. It blended History with our Latin curriculum. We also when in depth for a lot of the countries, so we were only able to do 2 – 3 projects a day.  While that was better for the students because the could go back and fix there power point, it isn’t fair for the people that went first. the people that went first had a disadvantage about how their power point is compared to others that present later.